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Established in 1992


Guaranteed Results!

The experience and proven track performance CX has in both commercial and hobby growing is the result of many years’ field testing. No force feeding, resulting in soft plants and out-of-control pest and disease problems; Our products are designed to work synergistically and in harmony with natural processes.


Base Nutrients

COCO BASE nutrient is formulated for use with all types of coco based growing system. HYDRO BASE nutrient is formulated for use with all types of hydro based growing systems. Use CX Horticulture nutrient additives during the vegetative and flowering period.  Both COCO BASE and HYDRO BASE are 2-part nutrient regimes, comprising of Part A and Part B.



CX Have a broad range of plant nutrient additives, designed for use from seedlings and all the way through to harvest, including growth and flowering boosters, rooting supplements, enzymes and plant health promoters.


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