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Mother nature's choice for pest control and happy plants

Harness the power of MOTHER NATURE


Trifecta Natural Solutions

Harnesses the power of MOTHER NATURE with Trifecta and HortUS. Address some of your biggest indoor and outdoor challenges with pest control and hearty, healthy plants. We use all-natural ingredients to create environmentally friendly solutions that will make you and your plants feel GREAT.


Crop Control
Super Concentrate
Natural Pesticide

Trifecta Crop Control Super Concentrate is the only all-in-one natural pesticide, fungicide, and miticide with a synergistic blend of MAXIMUM STRENGTH essential oils created to prevent and defeat problem pests, mold and mildew.

By using nanotechnology, we're able to achieve full emulsion of the oils in water. This means you'll get full coverage without the need of a wetting agent or surfactant and no noticeable residue after 72 hours.


Myco Supreme

Premium Mycoohizal Fungi


Outdoor Pest Control

Nature's Defense


Ready to Use

Crop control