OUR BRANDS // BudTrainer BudTrainer™ Train Your Plants & Grow Big Buds Easy to Use. Built to Last. All BudTrainer™ products are designed for simplicity and durability. With intuitive features, even first-time growers find it easy to shape their plants. Made from the highest-quality materials, the BudPots®, BudHuggers®, and BudClips® are are for the passionate…

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Pi Nutrients

OUR BRANDS // Pi Nutrients Pi Nutrients See your plants’ flourish into beautiful and bountiful crops Representing a perfect harmony in plant nutrition Top Performance Nutrients Pi Nutrients has researched and rigorously tested growth formulas that help maximize the health, performance and yield of your plants. Pi creates phenomenal results with solutions built for every…

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MIIM Horticulture

OUR BRANDS // MIIM Horticulture MIIM Horticulture MIICROBIAL MASS and MIICROBIAL MASS PRO have been specially developed to maxmize plant yield Our Guarantee MIICROBIAL MASS harnesses the latest scientific understanding of rhizospheric microbiology and has been carefully developed to harness the power of beneficial bacteria in the root zone. Part of our research and development process…

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Trifecta Natural

OUR BRANDS // Trifecta Natural Trifecta Mother nature’s choice for pest control and happy plants Harness the power of MOTHER NATURE Trifecta Natural Solutions Harnesses the power of MOTHER NATURE with Trifecta and HortUS. Address some of your biggest indoor and outdoor challenges with pest control and hearty, healthy plants. We use all-natural ingredients to…

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Diablo Nutrients

OUR BRANDS // Diablo Nutrients Diablos nutrients Build root structure, bulk up flowers Designed for medical growers UNLEASH THE BEAST At Diablo Nutrients we have created a tailor-made formula that includes compounds and nutrients that build root structure, amplify and bulk up the size and number of flower sites and ingredients that enhance the nutrient…

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Giros precision trimmers distributed in the USA and Canada by HORTUS

OUR BRANDS // Giros Giro’s Scissors & Secateurs Sharp, precise, food safe and long lasting! High Quality pruning and harvesting products from Giros Giros Scissors and Secateurs are perfect accompaniment for indoors and outdoor gardeners alike.  Popular worldwide, Giros products allow for comfortable and precise, while the sharp blades ensure a clean cut. Made from…

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Zip-Zag Brand Bags

OUR BRANDS // Zip-Zag Brand Bags ZIP-ZAG® BRAND BAGS SUPER TOUGH, RESEALABLE, SMELL PROOF BAGS. 100% Peace of mind Often imitated, never rivalled! Zip-Zag’s resealable smell proof plastic bags are the perfect solution for storing and transporting anything that has a strong odor. These high-quality bags are made from durable, puncture-resistant material that will keep…

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CX Horticulture

CX Horticulture distributed in the USA and Canada by HORTUS

OUR BRANDS // CX Horticulture CX Horticulture Top tier fertilizers Established in 1992 Guaranteed Results! The experience and proven track performance CX has in both commercial and hobby growing is the result of many years’ field testing. No force feeding, resulting in soft plants and out-of-control pest and disease problems; Our products are designed to…

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TIME-R distributed in the USA and Canada by HORTUS

OUR BRANDS // Time-R TIME-R Control your electronic equipment accurately and easily with Time-R MSRP $45 Minutes, hours or seconds Designed by control freaks and true hydroponic enthusiasts, the Time-R is jam packed with practical and easy-to-use features with allow the grower to control their equipment to the most precise levels. Use it to control…

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